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Market Research

Through the collective experience of our market researchers; the empowerment of our consumer and professional community members, we extend robust and high quality insights to all our clients.


Our methods, while based on tradition, are technologically modified to meet the demands of today’s market and the empowered consumer. Research can be fun, proactive while remaining thorough and insights driven. We have derived a magical formula that combines our cutting edge technology with the experience of our research experts and the opinions brought by our community members. This formula is scalable and can be altered to meet the varied needs of our clients.


Flexibility is at the forefront of what we offer. Be you an Agency looking to understand how your concept will be perceived; a brand that needs to understand their consumer journey; or a government organization curious to understand the citizens’ reactions to their legislation; we can help you navigate these pathways.


Our vast sample reach is able to satisfy the broadest spectrum of respondents. We have the ability to target different audience  using our proprietary and partner sample network. We work closely with our clients to help devise sample plans that meet their research needs.


Our active and engaged respondents love giving their opinions and our clients can be assured our sample is of the highest quality.


We offer full-service programming solutions and understand the importance of programming precise and engaging questionnaires to collect high quality and accurate data.


Not only are we empowered by a full community of consumer and professional consultants with valuable feedback, we are also a full service research and consulting house that can help you navigate through the market unscathed.


Our vitality stems from three simple notions: Keen understanding of the world and human behaviour; the amazing research talents we have in our family and most importantly, our loyal consultant community. With these notions in mind, we are able to innovate solutions that are insights driven in a robust manner without compromising the quality and agility needed.


In a world where consumers are far more intelligent and informed, your listening skills must be extremely thorough. We all want to be heard. We all want to be understood. We all want to be recognized for our efforts.




Whirlwind: In 24 hours, learn the thoughts and get answers to your questions, concepts or ideas from the general population. You send us your questions, we deliver the results back the next day. You can ask 1 question or 10.


Concept testing: No matter how early or advanced the stage of your concept might be, we are able to evaluate it and get you those KPI’s you need.


Message Testing: Want to understand whether or not your message positioning is on par with the expectation of your consumers? We can evaluate your statements amongst your core target audience and give you the feedback you need to go back to the drawing board or support your message positioning initiative.


User Journey and Path 2 Purchase: Don’t we all want to know the answer to these 5W + H? Our methodology can address all the above and help put your product on the right path to success.


We help clients intelligently engage with their customers by helping them build secure insight communities. Insight communities allow our clients to continuously understand their target market and customer’s needs, enhance their relationships, identify key drivers of their business, and improve financial performance.